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BL 1402. General Biology for Majors II. 4 Semester Hours.

Second part of a comprehensive and rigorous two semester introduction to modern biological science, providing the foundation for the biology major. Unifying principles, the cell, organization and diversity of life, evolution, ecology, molecular biology, metabolism, general physiology, reproduction, and development. (Fall/ Spring/Summer) Successful completion required for enrollment in BL 2330, BL 2332, and BL 2233L. Prerequisite: BL 1401. (All courses serving as prerequisites in the School of Science, Engineering and Technology must be completed with a “C” or better in order to advance to the next sequenced course.) This is a writing intensive course.(Lecture 3 hours, Lab 4 hours.).

Tuition and Fees

...BL 1301 , BL 1302 $55 Biology (all other lab courses) $75 CH 1401 , CH 1402...