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ED 5398. Teaching Internship I. 3 Semester Hours.

For persons employed as teacher-of-record in a public or accredited private school. The teach ing intern performs all duties of a first-year teacher. Evaluation based on performance as a full - time, first-year teacher. Three semester hours for one semester. Teacher certification requirements specify two consecu tive semesters of teaching internship for a total of six semes ter hours. Prerequisites: Bachelor Degree; completion of all teaching field courses and all Profes sional Development courses except ED 4338 or ED 4388, and ED 4639 or ED 4689. Enrollment is restricted to persons who meet the requirements for the State of Texas Post Baccalaureate Teaching Intern ship and who have life experiences to support a teaching internship. Recommendation of the Edu cation Department and approval by the Faculty Committee on Teacher Education are required.