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EG 2141. Logic Design Laboratory. 1 Semester Hour.

This lab introduces the basic principles of digital electronics design using standard TTL devices. Experiments illustrate the principles learned in the Fundamentals of Logic Design (EG 2341) class. The first part of this laboratory focuses on the design of combinational networks. This includes the basic operation of various logic gates; verification of truth tables; minimization of logic functions; realization of digital functions using multiple stage networks, decoders, multiplexer, and read-only memory. The second part of this lab emphasizes the design of sequential network. Here, students are introduced to various types of flip-flops, counters; design of digital circuits using Finite State Machines. Writing intensive course. (Fall only) Co-requisite: EG 2341. (All courses serving as prerequisites in the School of Science, Engineering and Technology must be completed with a “C” or better in order to advance to the next sequenced course.).