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EGĀ 6312. Data Mining. 3 Semester Hours.

Recent advances in database technology along with the phenomenal growth of the Internet have resulted in an explosion of data collected, stored, and disseminated by various organizations. Because of its massive size, it is difficult for analysts to sift through the data even though it may contain useful information. Data mining holds great promise to address this problem by providing efficient techniques to uncover useful information hidden in the large data repositories. The key objectives of this course are two-fold: (1) to teach the fundamental concepts of data mining and (2) to provide extensive hands-on experience in applying the concepts to real-world applications. The core topics to be covered in this course include classification, clustering, association analysis, and anomaly/novelty detection. Students will develop and/or apply data mining techniques to applications such as network intrusion detection, Web traffic analysis, business/financial data analysis, text mining, bioinformatics, Earth Science, and other scientific and engineering areas.