Minor in English-Communication Arts

An English-Communication Arts (EA) minor offers students pursuing various majors the opportunity to hone their communication skills to prepare for graduate studies or to enter the work force. The program offers students the opportunity to hone their critical thinking and writing abilities, integrating these with media-production skills, in preparation for rewarding careers and enriched lives in a rapidly changing world. For more information, contact the EA Coordinator, Katherine Hampsten, Ph.D.


Prerequirements for minor:
EN 1311Rhetoric and Composition3
SMC 2304Foundations of Practice: Literature3
EN 3300Advanced Composition3

 Required Courses

Requirements for minor:
Select one of the following:3
Topics in Communication Theory
Survey of Communication Theory
Survey of Mass Communication
Media Law and Ethics
Select three of the following:9
Media Writing and Reporting I
Media Writing and Reporting II
EA 3323
Free-Lance Writing
EA 3333
Publication Writing
Technical Writing
Media Production I
American Cinema-Drama
EA 4330
Media Production II
EA 4361
Graphic Design
Video Production
Public Relations
Issues in International Communication
Select two of the following (may require additional prerequisites):6
Interpersonal Communication
Topics in Communication Theory
Argumentation and Debate
Intercultural Communication
Persuasion and Advocacy
Persuasive Writing
Contemporary Literary Criticism
American Romanticism: Origins and Development
Classical Literature of the Western World
Mexican and Other Latin American Literature
Literature of Peace and War
Principles of Marketing
Consumer Behavior
Total Semester Hours18