Minor in English

English (EN) minors experience the power of language and literature to shape as well as reflect human experience, to challenge and change the course of history. Students engage in the study of narrative from its roots in the oral tradition to the current culture of electronic forms. Students explore a wide range of texts as well as a variety of critical methods by which to analyze those texts. For more information, contact the EN Coordinator, Dr. Alice Kersnowski, akersnowski@stmarytx.edu.


Prerequirements for minor:
EN 1311Rhetoric and Composition3
SMC 2304Foundations of Practice: Literature3
EN 3300Advanced Composition3

 Required Courses

Requirements for minor:
EN 3350Introduction to the Critical Study of Literature3
Select one of the following:3
The History of the English Language
Poetry Analysis
Fiction Analysis
Drama Analysis
Contemporary Literary Criticism
Modern Short Story
EN 3383
Masterpieces of Drama
Author and Work
Author and Work
Bible as Literature
Select one of the following:3
American Romanticism: Origins and Development
American Realism and Naturalism
Southern Experience in Fiction
American Literature Since 1950
Medieval English Literature
Renaissance Literature
Shakespeare Studies I
Shakespeare Studies II
EN 4371
The Beginnings of the British Novel
Nineteenth Century British Literature
Nineteenth Century British Novel
EN 4390
EN 4391
EN 4392
EN 4393
EN 4394
EN 4395
EN 4396
EN 4397
Select one of the following:3
Classical Literature of the Western World
Multicultural American Literature
Mexican and Other Latin American Literature
Women Authors
U. S. Latino Literature
Catholic Authors
Literature of Peace and War
EN 5342
Topics in International Literature
EN 5349
Select 6 semester hours from any EN33XX, EN 43XX, EN53XX 6
Total Semester Hours18