Greehey School of Business

The Graduate Studies programs at St. Mary’s University are dedicated to equipping students with an advanced academic degree, which is becoming increasingly essential in both the public and private sectors. Here, esteemed faculty work closely with a select number of students to help cultivate their intellectual growth and professional preparedness.

Research is fundamental to graduate study. Students learn how new knowledge is created, how experimentation and discovery are carried out, and how to think, act, and perform independently in the discipline. Depending upon the program’s applied orientation or concentration, the student can demonstrate mastery through quantitative and qualitative research, work-integrated learning opportunities, international opportunities, case studies, and other practical hands on experiences.

A capstone or integrating activity, such as an advanced seminar and practicum provides a culminating experience. This allows students to demonstrate the writing, organizational and other applied skills associated with the particular degree. It also provides a record of the student’s achievement which can be consulted for references and program evaluation. Students are required to demonstrate breadth of knowledge in the discipline, depth in specific areas, and the ability to integrate what has been learned.