M.A. in Public History

Public History Courses
HS 6301Introduction to Public History3
HS 7301Public History Methods (Conceptualizing Capstone Project)3
HS 7310Public History in the Digital Age3
HS 8301Internship and Capstone Project in Public History3
Methods Courses9
Select three from the following:
Heritage Tourism
History and Museums
Documentary Filmmaking
Archives Organization and Management
Content Courses9
Select three of the following:
North American History
Hispanic San Antonio
American Military History and Public Memory
United States in World History
World Histories
Total Semester Hours30
First Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester HoursSummerSemester Hours
HS 63013HS 73013HS 83013
Content Course3HS 73103 
Methods Course3Content Course3 
 9 9 3
Second Year
FallSemester Hours  
Content Course3  
Methods Course3  
Methods Course3  
Total Semester Hours 30