Exercise and Sport Science


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Nancy LaGreca, Ph.D.


Exercise and Sport Science

Department Chair

Kelvin Wu, Ph.D.

The Exercise and Sport Science program at St. Mary's University is an excellent choice for students interested in pursuing careers in the fitness/health industry. The program prepares students for a wide range of careers, from fitness specialist to strength and conditioning specialist. Students can even continue their education with graduate training and pursue careers in athletic training, sport nutrition, exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or physician assistant. Moreover, the program provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to take either the NSCA's certified strength and conditioning specialist exam (CSCS) or the ACSM's certified physiologist (EP-C) exam, which can greatly increase their chances of finding a job in the field. In addition, students interested in teaching physical education and/or coaching in secondary schools often choose this major as a first or second teaching field.

Minor in Exercise and Sport Science

Exercise and Sports Sciences

EX 1302. Foundations of Exercise & Sport Science. 3 Semester Hours.

Historical and philosophical background of Exercise and Sport Science examined as well as current career options within the discipline.

EX 1304. Spring Sports & Activities. 3 Semester Hours.

The following sports/activi ties are covered: softball, track & field, soccer, golf, tennis, outdoor education & orienteering, racquetball, weight lifting, badminton, dance.

EX 2302. Fall Sports & Activities. 3 Semester Hours.

The following sports/activities are covered: flag football, volleyball, basketball, field hockey, wrestling, archery, swimming, bowling, gymnastics.

EX 2304. Medical Terminology. 3 Semester Hours.

This course introduces students to medical terminology used in the healthcare field. Students will learn relevant prefixes, suffixes, word roots, descriptive terms, and eponyms so that they can define, pronounce, and spell medical terms.

EX 2381. Essential Elements of Human Performance, Health and Safety for Children. 3 Semester Hours.

Background knowledge and practice in the basic elements of human performance, health, and safety for children.

EX 2399. Topics in Exercise & Sport Science. 3 Semester Hours.

Topics in Exercise & Sport Science (Elective credit only).

EX 3112. Selected Topics. 1 Semester Hour.

Courses under this number will address a variety of topics such as Sport Sociology, Dance, etc.

EX 3212. Selected Topics. 2 Semester Hours.

Courses under this number will address a variety of topics such as Sport Sociology, Dance, etc.

EX 3302. Prevention & Care of Activity-Related Injuries. 3 Semester Hours.

The relationship of proper conditioning and protective equipment to injury prevention is stressed. Basic First-aid instruction and taping techniques are covered.

EX 3304. Biomechanics of Human Movement. 3 Semester Hours.

Study of the inter-relationships of structure and function in the living being. Study of the physics of motion of the human being with emphasis placed on the forces produced by the acting upon the human body. Prerequisite: BL 3420 Anatomy.

EX 3306. Current Issues in Exercise & Sport Science. 3 Semester Hours.

Addresses topics such as working with special populations, legal issues, ethical decision-making (e.g., use of steroids, drug-testing of athletes, women in sports).

EX 3308. Statistics for Exercise Science. 3 Semester Hours.

Descriptive and inferential statistics: standard scores, characteristics of the normal curve, correlation and regression, quantifying reliability, t-test and analysis of variance, to include repeated measures and covariance designs. Application of statistical software (SPSS) is used by students to solve problems within the course.

EX 3312. Selected Topics. 3 Semester Hours.

Courses under this number will address a variety of topics such as Sport Sociology, Dance, etc.

EX 3376. Human Anatomy and Physiology of Exercise. 3 Semester Hours.

Basic concepts of the structure and function of the human body, as related to exercise.

EX 4208. Coaching Practicum. 2 Semester Hours.

Students desiring a more intensive study of coaching may register for an intern - ship from the following: football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer and track & field.

EX 4301. Wellness. 3 Semester Hours.

Study of lifetime fitness and wellness. Topics covered include nutrition, cardiovascular health and wellness, stress management, body composition, substance abuse, lifestyle management, and other pertinent topics. Students will design curriculum materials which incorporate these areas as well as practice teaching lessons in the topical areas.

EX 4304. Advanced Principles of Exercise and Sport Science. 3 Semester Hours.

Organization and administration of effective programs. Assessment of individual needs and planning for instruction to meet those needs; program evaluation.

EX 4310. Internship in Recreation & Fitness Management. 3 Semester Hours.

(Open to seniors only) This course supplements academic work by providing students with practical career experience in the areas of Recreation and Fitness Management.

Gary Guerra, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Susanna Guzman Moczygemba, M.S.
Visiting Instructor

Chien-Ting "Kelvin" Wu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor