Minor in Environmental Science

Environmental Science addresses urbanization and the depletion of natural resources connected to an ever-increasing global population. Environmental Scientists are constantly identifying and looking for solutions to environmental problems that directly affect our quality of life.

Today’s environmental problems call for scientists who are educated in more than one discipline, highly trained in technical skills, and aware of the political and social dimensions of environmental problems and how to make decisions with regard to these situations.


Evelynn Mitchell, Ph.D.

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Requirements for minor:
MT 2303Introduction to Probability and Statistics3
ES 1300General Geology3
ES 1100General Geology Laboratory1
ES 1373Introductory Environmental Science3
ES 1173Environmental Science Lab1
ES 2350Environmental Geology3
ES 2150Environmental Geology Lab1
3 hours of advanced ES (ES3XXX)3
Total Semester Hours18