Certificate in Theology

The certificate requires four courses (12 hours) divided among three areas and including an elective. Courses are selected from those offered for the Masters of Arts in Theology curriculum. 

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Courses required for a Certificate in Theology
One course in Biblical Studies chosen from the following:3
The Pentateuch
Prophets and Visionaries
Wisdom Literature
Law of Moses
The Interpretation of the History of Israel
The Gospel of Matthew
The Gospel of Mark
The Gospel of Luke and the Acts
The Johannine Literature
Theology of Paul
Psalms & Passion Narratives
One course in Systematic Theology chosen from the following:3
God Triune and Incarnate: Historical and Contemporary Theology
Faith, Reason & Theology: Historical and Contemporary Models
Church and the Human Person: Historical and Contemporary Theology
Sacraments and Liturgy
One course in Moral Theology chosen from the following:3
Christian Social Ethics
Sin, Conscience, Conversion
Theology of Human Sexuality, Marriage, and the Family
Christian Medical Ethics
Contemporary Issues in Christian Ethics
One additional elective course not already applied to another required area.3
Total Semester Hours12