B.A. Interdisciplinary English Language Arts and Reading

St. Mary's University Core 1
SMC 1311Foundations of Reflection:Self3
SMC 1314Foundations of Reflection: God3
SMC 2301Foundations of Practice: Ethics3
School of Humanities and Social Sciences School Specific Core
Fundamentals of Oral Communication
Rhetoric & Composition 23
Rhetoric and Composition
College Algebra
Foreign Languages6
Select one of the following options:
6 hours at the sophomore level (2311, 2312) in a Foreign Language previously studied for a minimum of one year
6 years of introductory level (1311, 1312) in a Foreign Language not previously studied
12 hours of CLEP credit for a language previously studied
History/Social Science12
Historical Analysis: U. S. History to 1877
Historical Analysis: U. S. History since 1877
Historical Analysis: World History to 1500
Texas State & Local Government
Science (lab is required unless a written exception is provided by Education Chair)9-12
General Geology
Physical Geography
General Biology for Non-Majors
General Biology for Non-Majors II
Select one Advanced Theology 33XX course
Fine Arts6
History of Art Applied
Special Studies in Drama
Music: Essential Elements
Survey of International Literature
American Literature
Areas of Specialization: English Language Arts and Reading (21 hours)
Select one course from the following:3
Linguistics: Grammar as Communication
The History of the English Language
How English Works
EN 3315Children’s Literature3
ED 3340Reading Methods of Teaching Reading3
ED 3341Reading: Diagnosis, Remediation, and Prevention of Reading Difficulties3
ED 3351Reading: Content Area Reading in the Elementary School3
ED 4351Reading: Skills Development for Interdisciplinary ELA & Reading Majors3
EN 3300Advanced Composition3
Professional Development Courses (21 hours)
ED 3301The American Elementary School3
ED 3316Child Development and Learning in the School Setting3
ED 3321Instructional Planning, Assessment and Evaluation3
ED 3330Teaching Diverse Populations3
ED 4338Professional Development Seminar- Elementary3
ED 4639Student Teaching-Elementary6
Combination of Subjects Courses (18 hours)
ES 3301Essential Elements of Life-Earth Sciences3
EX 2381Essential Elements of Human Performance, Health and Safety for Children3
MT 3304Essential Elements in Math I3
MT 3305Essential Elements in Math II3
MT 3306Essential Elements of Mathematics III3
SS 3300Essential Elements of Soc Sci3
Proficiency in Information Technology and Information Literacy
For this major, this requirement will be fulfilled by passing the iSkills test with 250 or higher or a grade of "B-" or better in ED 3301
Total Semester Hours120-124

This is a recommended degree plan subject to changes. Please meet with your adviser on a regular basis. 

First Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
SMC 13113SMC 13143
EN 13113Foreign Language3
Foreign Language3Speech3
History/Social Science3Science (with lab)3-4
ND 01010 
 15-16 15-16
Second Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
SMC 23013History/Social Science3
History/Social Science3Science (with lab)3-4
Literature3EN 33003
Science (with lab)3-4EX 23813
History/Social Science3ED 33013
 15-16 15-16
Third Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
Theology3ED 33213
Fine ArtsED 33303
DM 41911ED 33413
Fine ArtsEN 33153
MU 32422MT 33063
ED 33163ES 33013
ED 33403 
ED 33513 
MT 33043 
 18 18
Fourth Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
AR 33813ED 43383
ED 43513ED 4639 (requires Dept Chair Permission)6
EN 33133 
MT 33053 
SS 33003 
 15 9
Total Semester Hours 120-124