Certificate in Public Communication, Public Policy, and Public Leadership


Certificate in Public Communication, Public Policy, and Public Leadership

Program Specific Admission Requirements

A graduate-advanced undergraduate program for students seeking to engage the traditions and strengths of St. Mary's University in policy, public service, communication, and community leadership to advance the public interest in the 21st century.

The 15-hour certification program is intended to support graduate students wishing to advance the public interest, locally and globally, through policy analysis and formulation, the focusing and articulation of public issues, and leadership.

Public administration graduate students take 2 Public Affairs (PA) courses (policy emphasis) and 3 Communication courses (Communication emphasis).

Communication graduate students take 2 CM courses and 3 PA courses.

The 12-hour certification program is intended for advanced undergraduates; juniors and seniors take 2 PA core courses and 2 CM core courses. (Five-year, undergraduate students pay the undergraduate rate).

The program, at the grad and undergrad levels, is intended to supplement students' regular degree courses by offering an additional certification. No pre-requisites are required for undergraduate students already majoring in political science or communication.

Certificate Requirements

PA Required Core Options
Select two of the following:6
Public Admin. and Policy
Policy Formulation and Implementation
Public Policy Analysis
PA 7302Leadership and Organizational Culture3
or PA 7303 Ethics and Public Sector
CM Required Core Options
Select 1-3 of the following (one is required):3
Topics Communication Studies
Applied Persuasion
Public Relations Writing and Campaigns
Select one elective from the remaining courses (above) or from one of the following once 3-hour required core is fullfilled:3
Electronic Publishing and Presentations I
Electronic Publishing and Presentations II
Media Script Writing
Video Design and Production
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Foundations in Communication Theory
Survey of Rhetorical Theory
Communications Law and Ethics
Total Semester Hours15