Minor in Exercise and Sports Sciences

Exercise and Sport Science studies the holistic connection of Mind, Body and Spirit in each human being. Students study and practice how the body works in stillness and in movement with an emphasis on the interconnectedness of all the systems within the body.

At this time, Exercise and Sport Science is experiencing increasing growth as it has been recognized as a gateway for students interested in a variety of professions including fields such as Healthcare, Sports, Health and Wellness and Fitness.  

Students with Exercise and Sport Science degrees have become professionals in the Medical area (MD, DO, Nursing), Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy as well as in the Academic area (teaching/coaching). There are also students who become Fitness Instructors, Strength and Conditioning coaches and a wide variety of other professions.

Requirements for minor:
EX 1302Foundations of Exercise & Sport Science3
EX 3302Prevention & Care of Activity-Related Injuries3
EX 3304Biomechanics of Human Movement3
EX 3376Human Anatomy and Physiology of Exercise3
EX 4301Wellness3
EX 4310Internship in Recreation & Fitness Management3
Total Semester Hours18