Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision

Core Courses
CN 7385Qualitative Research Methodologies3
CN 8194Professional Identity in Counselor Education and Supervision1
CN 8309Theory and Practice of University Teaching3
CN 8381Advanced Research I3
CN 8382Advanced Research II3
CN 8355Advanced Theories of Counseling3
CN 8324Process of Superviion in Counselor Education3
CN 8341Adv Multicultural Assessment3
CN 8377Qualitative Research3
CN 8385Advance Statistics3
CN 8393Leadership, Advocacy & Service3
Clinical Courses
CN 7350Advanced Clinical Practicum3
CN 8314Supervision Internship3
CN 8359Doctoral Internship I3
CN 8360Doctoral Internship II3
CN 8390Dissertation Research 13
CN 8391Dissertation Proposal 13
CN 8392Dissertation Defense 13
Students who desire to obtain a concentration can use electives to obtain a concentration in one of the following areas:
Play Therapy
Relational-Cultural Theory & Social Justice
Total Semester Hours65

NeuroFeedback Concentration

NeuroFeedback Courses
CN 6341Introduction to Neuropsychological Theory3
CN 8317Theory & Practice of Neurofdbk3
3 hours of Neurofeedback Practicum3
Neurofeedback Practicum
Neurofeedback Practicum
Neurofeedback Practicum
Total Semester Hours9

Play Therapy Concentration

Play Therapy Courses
CN 7375Child Development and Play Therapy3
CN 7386Methods & Tech of Play Therpy3
CN 7187Expressive Modalities of Play Therapy1
CN 7188Family Play Therapy1
CN 7189Special Topics in Play Therapy1
CN 7190Field Experience Play Therapy1
Total Semester Hours10

Relational-Cultural Theory & Social Justice Concentration

Relational-Cultural Theory & Social Justice Courses
CN 8373Gender and Ethnicity Through the Life Cycle3
CN 7368Relational Approaches to Counseling3
CN 7369Field Placement Social Justice Practicum3
Total Semester Hours9