Business Administration - Values-Driven Leaders

Please note that all students are required to attend an M.B.A. orientation activity.

Business Administration Courses
BA 6300Special Studies in Management3
BA 6301Special International Studies3
BA 6375International Business Core3
BA 6385Marketing Management Core3
BA 7325Management of Information and Technology3
BA 7332Values Driven Leadership Lab I3
BA 7333Values Driven Leadership Lab II3
BA 7334Advanced Business Skills Lab III3
BA 7355Accounting for Decision Making3
BA 7365Financial Management3
BA 9375Leaders, Strategy, & Society3
Total Semester Hours33
First Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester HoursSummerSemester Hours
BA 63853BA 63753BA 63003
BA 73323BA 73333BA 63013
BA 73553BA 73653 
 9 9 6
Second Year
FallSemester Hours  
BA 73253  
BA 73343  
BA 93753  
Total Semester Hours 33
M.B.A. Degree Requirements
Frist Year--Fall Semester9
Marketing Management Core
Values Driven Leadership Lab I
Accounting for Decision Making
First Year--Spring Semester9
International Business Core
Values Driven Leadership Lab II
Financial Management
First Year--Summer Semester6
Special Studies in Management
Special International Studies
Second Year--Fall Semester9
Management of Information and Technology
Advanced Business Skills Lab III
Leaders, Strategy, & Society
Total Semester Hours33