B.S. in Computer Engineering

About the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Computer Engineers are trained to solve problems in both computer hardware and software systems, from a laptop to an airplane, to make sure that they work properly.

Students in this program will specialize in learning computer programming, digital logic design, digital systems design, computer organization & architecture, computer networks, data structures & algorithms, parallel programming, software engineering, operating systems, data mining, and computer security. In addition, students gain extensive experience with the most advanced engineering tools including both computer hardware and software.


The job opportunities for computer engineers are abundant. Computer engineers can work for the government or in industries such as telecommunications, computers, semiconductors, biomedical and aerospace, to name a few. Graduates of the Computer Engineering program at St. Mary’s have been employed by companies of all sizes, including Texas Instruments, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Rackspace, USAA, National Instruments, Southwest Research Institute, Boeing, Accenture, Samsung, and the University of Texas Health Science Center.

B.S. Computer Engineering
St. Mary’s University Core 1
SMC 1301Foundations of Civilization3
SMC 1311Foundations of Reflection:Self3
SMC 1312Foundations of Reflection: Nature3
SMC 1313Foundations of Reflection: Others3
SMC 1314Foundations of Reflection: God3
SMC 2301Foundations of Practice: Ethics3
SMC 2302Foundations of Practice: Civic Engagement and Social Action3
SMC 2303Foundations of Practice:Fine Arts and Creative Process3
SMC 2304Foundations of Practice: Literature3
EG 4363Senior Design Project II 23
School of Science, Engineering, and Technology Specific Core
Foreign Languages0
Computer, Electrical, Industrial and Mechanical Engr. majors are exempt from the foreign language requirement
Rhetoric and Composition 33
Rhetoric and Composition
Fine Arts3
Engineering Graphics and Design
Social Science3
Engineering Economy
Senior Design Project I
Select one of the following:
Advanced Theology TH 33XX/43XX
Perspectives and Themes in History, Philosophy and/or Theology
BS Computer Engineering Major Courses 4
CH 1401General Chemistry I4
CS 3340Software Engineering3
CS 3350Operating Systems3
EG 1101Introduction to Engineering1
EG 1302Programming for Engineers3
EG 1305Object-Oriented Programming and Design3
EG 2141Logic Design Laboratory1
EG 2152Circuit Analysis Laboratory1
EG 2181Digital Systems Design Laboratory1
EG 2307Engineering Mechanics3
EG 2341Fundamentals of Logic Design3
EG 2342Data Structures & Algorithms3
EG 2352Circuit Analysis I3
EG 2353Circuit Analysis II3
EG 2382Digital Systems Design3
EG 3156Electronics I Lab1
EG 3157Electronics II Lab1
EG 3356Electronics I3
EG 3357Electronics II3
EG 3363Microprocessors I3
EG 3364Microprocessors II3
EG 3374Computer Organization & Architecture3
EG 4356Computer Networks3
EG 4387Parallel Programming3
MT 2412Calculus I4
MT 2413Calculus II4
MT 3311Differential Equations3
MT 3323Discrete Math Structures3
MT 4331Probability Theory3
PY 1404University Physics I4
PY 2404University Physics II4
Proficiency in Information Technology and Information Literacy
For this major, this requirement will be fulfilled by passing coursework within the degree plan.
Total Semester Hours131

This is a recommended degree plan subject to changes. Please meet with your adviser on a regular basis.

First Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
SMC 13013SMC 13113
EN 13113EG 13013
EG 11011EG 13053
EG 13023MT 24134
MT 24124PY 24044
PY 14044 
ND 01010 
 18 17
Second Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
CH 14014SMC 13123
EG 21411SMC 13143
EG 21521EG 31561
EG 23413EG 23423
EG 23523EG 23533
MT 33113EG 33563
MT 33233 
 18 16
Third Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
SMC 13133SMC 23013
EG 23073SMC 23023
EG 31571CS 33403
EG 33573EG 21811
EG 33633EG 23823
EG 33743EG 33643
 16 16
Fourth Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
SMC 23033EG 43633
SMC 23043Advanced Theology3
CS 33503EG 33343
EG 43623EG 43563
MT 43313EG 43873
 15 15
Total Semester Hours 131