Certificate in Educational Computer Gaming


Computer Science

Program Specific Admission Requirements

In this graduate certificate program, students learn to evaluate, design and create educational computer games. These games can be developed to target any population, circumstance or situation to teach, train or practice any skill or topic. The student may be an educator who wants to make games for classes, or a parent who may make some for their children, or just interested in how games can help someone learn. Students will make at least two educational computer games and learn about the gamification of instruction during the courses in this certificate.

To participate in this graduate certificate, students must have an undergraduate degree in a technology-related field (or equivalent experience) and have completed at least two computer programming classes with a B- or better. Students need computer programming as a skill they already have.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate requires four classes (12 credit hours) that may also be used toward a Master's of Computer Science or Computer Information Systems.

Required Classes
CS 6335Game Development3
CS 6345eLearning and Gamification3
Elective Classes
Select two of the following:6
Artificial Intelligence 1
Files and Database 1
Computer Graphics 1
Advanced Computer Networks 1
Hardware & Operating Systems 1
Special Topics 1
Total Semester Hours12