Study Days & Final Exams

Study Days 

At the end of each fall and spring semester, the two days prior to the beginning of the Final  Exam Schedule are designated as Study Days. Classes do not meet during Study Days. All major reports and assignments should be scheduled to be completed before Study Days. 

Study Days are not to be used as dates on which papers are to be turned in, examinations are to be given, quizzes are to be scheduled, mandatory review sessions are to be held, or for any other class-related activities, other than office hours. Faculty may conduct voluntary review sessions at which no new material is presented on these days.

Final Exams 

Regardless of course modality, final examinations given during the Final Exam Schedule must be given on the dates and at the times when they are scheduled. Unless otherwise noted, exams will take place in the same classroom where the class has been scheduled over the semester. 

For courses that do not meet during regular scheduled times such as online (asynchronous), independent study, internship, private lessons, etc., final exams are administered at the discretion of the instructor but should still take place during final exam days. Thursday night final exams are scheduled on day-two of Study Days.

Instructors should provide alternate exam times for students with conflicting exam schedules. 

Only the Dean of the respective school can authorize departure from the Final Exam Schedule