Non-Departmental courses are designed to complement and enrich the regular academic course offerings and to develop skills important to academic success.

Study Abroad

St. Mary’s University collaborates with a number of overseas universities across the world, so that students can enrich their liberal arts education on a weeklong, month-long, or semester-long program away from campus. Studying in a foreign country is not just about travel; it is about opening up a world of learning and finding one’s role in our global community; students who study abroad will encounter experiences that will affect them both personally and professionally well beyond their studies at St. Mary’s. 

Program locations vary each year.  St. Mary’s currently offers programs in the Brazil, China, Costa Rica, France, Japan, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.  Students are able to transfer credits earned abroad toward the St. Mary’s Core Curriculum, the School Specific Core, the foreign language requirement, and toward majors and minors, with approval from academic advisors.  Area studies topics include foreign languages, literature, fine arts, international relations, and politics.  Most of our university partners also offer coursework outside of the humanities and social sciences in international business, engineering and industrial management, and mathematics.  Depending on location, students may also have opportunities to do an internship or service learning project for academic credit.

Students can participate in summer-long and semester-long study abroad programs after their first year of study, and must have at least a 2.5 GPA.  Students may participate in faculty-led study abroad programs beginning in their first year.  Students should be in contact with the study abroad office at least one semester in advance of the program term they wish to attend.  Questions can be directed to Dr. Andrew Chapman at the Center for International Programs.  Current students can also visit the Study Abroad page in Gateway, under the Academics tab to learn about program details, scholarship information, and how to apply. 

Students are enrolled in a Study Abroad ND course during their time abroad.  Courses approved by academic advisors will be awarded as transfer credit following the completion of term.  Students participating on faculty-led programs will receive St. Mary’s course credit. 

ND 0000. Matriculation. 0 Semester Hours.

ND 0003. Study Abroad. 3-4 Semester Hours.

ND 0006. Semester Abroad. 6-7 Semester Hours.

ND 0009. Semester Abroad. 9 Semester Hours.

ND 0012. Semester Abroad. 12 Semester Hours.

ND 0015. Semester Abroad. 15 Semester Hours.

ND 0103. Personal&Academic Success. 1 Semester Hour.

A non-credit, P/NP course recommended for first-year students placed on academic probation. The course is designed to help students improve their academic standing through self understanding, goal setting, and study skill development.

ND 1111. Career Planning-Goals Clarific. 1 Semester Hour.

Focus on self assessment and career development; investigation of various stages in career planning and job search skills enhancement; development of an awareness of internship, employment, and/or graduate and professional school opportunities. Class will offer individualized career development plan options and use of electronic and print resources.

ND 1122. University Life: Personal & Academic Development. 1 Semester Hour.

An orientation to University policies, procedures, organizations, activities, and the Marianist charism for student leaders/peer mentors; Pass/No Pass.