B.B.A. in International Business

St. Mary's University Core 1
SMC 1301Foundations of Civilization3
SMC 1311Foundations of Reflection:Self3
SMC 1312Foundations of Reflection: Nature3
SMC 1313Foundations of Reflection: Others3
SMC 1314Foundations of Reflection: God3
SMC 2301Foundations of Practice: Ethics3
SMC 2302Foundations of Practice: Civic Engagement and Social Action3
SMC 2303Foundations of Practice:Fine Arts and Creative Process3
SMC 2304Foundations of Practice: Literature3
SMC 4301Capstone Seminar: Prospects for Community & Civilization3
Greehey School of Business School Specific Core
Social Sciences6
Introductory Macroeconomic Theory
Introductory Microeconomic Theory
Rhetoric & Composition 23
Rhetoric and Composition
Select any EN 23XX literature course
Finite Mathematics
Select one of the following:
Major Old Testament Themes
Advanced Theology TH33XX/43XX
Perspectives and Themes in History, Philosophy and/or Theology
Business Communications
Greehey School of Business School Common Body of Business Knowledge
AC 2310Introduction to Accounting I3
AC 2320Introduction to Accounting II3
BA 1310Fundamentals of Business Enterprise3
BA 3351The Legal Environment of Business3
BA 4334Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility3
BA 4380Business Policy & Strategy3
FN 3310Corporate Finance3
IB 3321US Business in an Independent World3
MK 3310Principles of Marketing3
MT 2306Business Statistics3
MN 3330Organizational Behavior3
QM 3330Management Infor Systems3
QM 3321Business Analytics3
QM 4330Operations Management3
International Business Major Courses
IB 3310Internat'l Economics3
IB 4351International Finance3
IB 4352Internat'l Marketing3
IB 4358International Management3
IB 4390Seminar in International Business3
Select one 2000 Level Intermediate Foreign Language course3
Select one 2000 Level Intermediate Foreign Language course3
Select one 3000 Level Professional Foreign Language course3
Select two IB Electives6
Proficiency in Information Technology and Information Literacy
Business majors will fulfill the Information Technology Proficiency Requirement through the completion of courses within the Common Body of Business Knowledge.
Total Semester Hours123

All St. Mary's Core SMC 13XX "Reflection" courses must be completed before registering for SMC 23XX "Practice" courses. "Reflection" courses can be taken in any order followed by "Practice" courses in any order.


Grade of “C” or better is required.  International students may be required to take EN1313 to fulfill this requirement.

All prerequisites must be completed with a "C" or better (MT 1305, MT 1306, AC 2310, AC 2320, EC 2301, EC 2303).

All Business courses must be completed with a "C" or higher.

This is a recommended degree plan subject to change. Please meet with your adviser on a regular basis.

First Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
SMC 13XX 3SMC 13XX 3
SMC 13XX 3SMC 13XX 3
EN 13113EC 23013
MT 13053AC 23103
BA 13103MT 23063
ND 01010 
 15 15
Second Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
SMC 13XX 3SMC 23XX 3
Literature3SMC 23XX3
EC 23033SMC 23XX3
AC 23203IB 33213
MN 23203Foreign Language (2000 Level )3
Foreign Language (2000 Level)3 
 18 15
Third Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
SMC 23XX3Advanced Theology3
BA 33513FN 33103
MK 33103QM 33303
MN 33303QM 33213
IB 33103Professional Foreign Language (3000 Level)3
 15 15
Fourth Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
IB 43513SMC 43013
IB 43523BA 43343
IB 43583BA 43803
QM 43303IB 43903
IB Elective3IB Elective3
 15 15
Total Semester Hours 123