Leave of Absence

The purpose of a Leave of Absence (LOA) is to allow undergraduate and (non-law) graduate students to interrupt continuous enrollment for up to three semesters without having to apply for readmission.  A LOA is not required for summer sessions.  A LOA request must be submitted to the university registrar’s office prior to the first day of classes of the semester in which leave would begin; however, students are encouraged to initiate a request as early as possible after the semester preceding the requested leave has concluded.  In the case of exigent circumstances, a LOA may be granted while a semester is in progress with the approval of the Academic Dean.  If a LOA is granted during a given semester, the student will receive a grade of “W” or “I” as determined by the course instructor. 

A LOA occurs when a student separates from the University and, at the time of departure, fully intends to return (up to three semesters).  After a separation of more than three semesters, students seeking to return to St. Mary’s must apply for readmission. For more information on the Leave of Absence policy, visit the policy library.