Dropping Courses

It is the student’s responsibility to drop a course.  The Registrar does not initiate drops for students from courses for non-attendance.  Notifying an instructor or failing to attend class does not constitute an official drop from a course nor does it eliminate the student’s financial responsibility for course payment. 

Drop Policy:

  • A course dropped by the end of the first 5 class days of the semester (Fall and Spring) is not reflected in a student’s transcript.
  • Students may drop a course up to the end of the 12th week of the semester. A grade of “W” will be automatically be issued.
  • Student-initiated withdrawals from a course will not be accepted after the 12th week of the semester.  Students who fail to withdraw by the published deadline will receive a final grade as determined by the faculty member.  However, the grades of “W” or “WF” will not be available as final grade options.
  • After the 12th week of the semester, faculty-initiated withdrawals from a course for excessive absences must be coordinated through the appropriate Dean or Associate Dean for a student to receive a “W” in the course.
  • If a faculty member chooses not to withdraw a student from the course for excessive absences, a final grade will be entered by the faculty member in Gateway based upon the work completed by the student.
  • Please refer to the Academic Calendar for each semester’s calendar date, including shorter semesters (summer, Maymester, etc.), for the specific drop date deadline.

International Students must also inform the Center for International Programs of their intent to withdraw from any course. Student Athletes must also inform the Athletic Department of their intent to withdraw from any course.  Dropping multiple courses or falling below full time status (12 credit hours) could potentially impact a student’s financial aid award, visa status, and challenges progress toward the degree.  Please consult with an academic adviser and financial aid adviser for more information.