Minor in Public Careers

Political Science Majors

Requirements for minor:
Select one of the following:3
Introductory Sociology
Introductory Macroeconomic Theory
Introductory Microeconomic Theory
SC 3361Urban Sociology3
SC 3362Population and Society3
SC 3381Introductory Statistics3
EC 3340Public Sector Economics3
Select 6 advanced SC or EC (33XX, 43XX, 53XX) 6
Total Semester Hours21

Non-Political Science Majors

Requirements for minor:
PO 3321Public Administration3
PO 5300Internship Political Science3
Select three of the following:9
Political Research Methodology
The Legislative Process
Topics in Political Behavior
Urban Politics
American Political Thought
Civil Rights, Civil Liberties & Law
Select two of the following:6
World Economic Geography
Public Sector Economics
Economic of Natural Resources and Environment
Social Issues
Urban Sociology
Total Semester Hours21