B.A. Communications with Early Law Admission

BA in Communication Studies with Early Law Admission Degree Plan (120 hours)
Core Requirements (42 hours)
First Year Seminar3
First Year Seminar
Freshmen Composition I3
Rhetoric and Composition
Rhetoric and Composition for International Students
Any EN 23XX literature course
Any 1000, 2000, or 3000-level HS course
Social Science3
Select two from the following: BA 1301, CJ 1301, CPH 1301, EC 2301, EC 2303, ED 2330, HU 3300, HU 3303, PO 1311, PO 1313, PO 1314, PS 1301, PS 2333, PS 2355, PS 2363, PS 3337, SC 1311, SC 2321, SC 2371, 3 hrs. of Communication Studies (CM 1341, CM 2333, CM 2334) (SMC 1313 and SMC 2302 will meet this requirement)
Natural or Physical Sciences3
Fine Arts3
Foreign Language and International Engagement 6
This requirement is satisfied through one of four ways: (1) One 3-hour course in any language at the 3000 level or above, with a grade of B or better; (2) Two courses (1311 and 1312) in a language not previously studied; (3) Two courses (2311 and 2312) in a language previously studied at the high school or college level; (4) Qualifying scores on an AP or CLEP exam, or both the ACTFL OPI and WPT exams
Philosophy - Self3
Intro to Philosophy
(SMC 1311 will meet this requirement)
Philosophy - Ethics3
Foundations of Ethics
(SMC 2301 will meet this requirement)
Theology - God3
Introduction to Theology
(SMC 1314 will meet this requirement)
Intermediate Theology3
Any TH 33xx course
Communication Studies Major Courses (31 hours)
Major Core (16 hours)
CM 3350Foundations of Comm Studies3
CM 3352Survey of Communication Theory3
CM 4350Senior Capstone in Communication Studies3
CM 4394Communication Research Methods3
CM 5390Internship in Communication Studies3
HU 2103Perspectives & Themes in SS1
Major Electives (15 hours)15
Interpersonal Communication
Persuasive Writing
Topics in Communication Theory
Rhetorical Criticism
Intercultural Communication
Persuasion and Advocacy
Special Topics in Communication Studies
Public Relations
Media Law and Ethics
Internship in Communication Studies
Electives (18 hours)18
An elective can be any course taken from any discipline.
Law Courses (29 hours)
LW 6341Criminal Law3
LW 6335LCAP I3
LW 6440Constitutional Law4
LW 6477Federal Civil Procedure I4
LW 6478Torts4
LW 6480Property4
LW 6490Contracts4
Total Semester Hours120