M.A. in Education

General Education Required
Select four of the following:12
Foundations of Educational Practice
Human Development and Learning
Curriculum Theory and Practice
Applied Educational Research
Secondary Content Area Reading
Organizational Theory and Administration
Private and Public School Law
Instructional Supervision and Evaluation
Internship in Education 1
Student Teaching/Teaching Internship
Select one of the following: 16
Student Teaching in Elementary School
Student Teaching in the Secondary School
Teaching Internship I
and Teaching Internship II
Select one of the following concentrations outlined below:18
Computer Science
English Literature and Language
International Relations
Political Science
Total Semester Hours36

NOTE: One of the student teaching courses listed below (or both of the teaching internship courses) is required of students seeking initial teacher certification. Students must have completed at least four of the courses listed above (including ED 7392) with a grade of "B" or better in each course. A six-hour student-teaching course of both of the teaching internship courses can be substituted for ED 7392 and one other course from the list above. Students must take the Professional Development Seminar undergraduate course or a 3-hour graduate course during their student-teaching semester. Interns must take a 3-hour graduate education course during each semester of internship.

Concentration: Computer Science

Concentration Computer Science
CS 6310Systems Analysis and Design3
CS 6320Files and Database3
CS 6330Advanced Network and Data Communications3
CS 6340Advanced Software Engineering3
CS 6350Hardware & Operating Systems3
Concentration Computer Science Elective
Select any Graduate level CS course with the exception of CS 6000X3
Total Semester Hours18

Concentration: English Literature and Language

Concentration English Literature & Language
Select six of the following:18
Contemporary Literary Criticism 1
Myth and Psyche in 20th Century Literature
Critical Approaches to the Short Story 1
Courtly Love and Social Discourse
Comparative Literature: Modern & Postmodern
Shakespeare's Major Plays 1
Realism and Naturalism in the American Novel
American Transcendentalism 1
History of the American Novel 1
Writing Assessment 1
Approaches to Teaching Writing Critical Thinking
Total Semester Hours18

Strongly recommended

Concentration: International Relations

International Relations Electives
Select six of the following:18
Asian Security Issues
Middle East Security Issues
European Security Issues
African Security Issues
IR 8325
Conflict Transformation: Theory and Analysis
National Security Policy (same as IR 6324)
United States Foreign Policy (same as IR 6315)
Total Semester Hours18

Concentration: Political Science

Political Science Required
PO 6305Civic & Political Engagement (same as PA 6305)3
PO 6316Political Philosophy & Community3
Political Science Required
Select four of the following:12
Scope of Political Science
Public Administration and Policy 1
Civil Rights & the Law 1
International Relations Theory (same as IR 6312) 1
United States Foreign Policy (same as IR 6315)
National Security Policy (same as IR 6324)
U.S. Latino/Latina Politics 1
Urban Issues in the Americas
Campaign Management
Campaign & Advocacy
Gender Politics
Directed Readings
Total Semester Hours18

Strongly recommended