Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EI)

EI 3310. Entrepreneurial Mindset I. 3 Semester Hours.

An analysis of current theories of international transactions, with emphasis on the inter relationships among various aggregate economic variables with balance of payments. Policies effecting economic relations on the national and international levels are examined. Contemporary economic issues and theories are considered as they relate to the world of economy. (Spring) Prerequisites: EC 2301, EC 2303, MT 1305 or MT 2303, MT 2306 or MT 2412, AC 2310 or AC 2301, AC 2320 or AC 2302. (Not currently offered. Check with Dept. Chair).

EI 3340. Entrepreneurial Mindset II. 3 Semester Hours.

In this course, students learn how to initiate a social enterprise or business venture. Topics include fostering creativity, creative problem solving, recognizing and developing opportunities, product design and development (e.g., 3-D printing prototyping), analyzing alternative business models, conducting feasibility analyses, and crafting an effective business plan. Students will develop an investor presentation pitch and fully develop a business plan for a startup or social venture. Students participate in local, national and/or international competitions (Fall only). Prerequisite: EI 3310 or MN 3310.

EI 3390. Innovation and Growth. 3 Semester Hours.

In this course, students explore the opportunities and challenges involved in the management of growth in entrepreneurial settings, both at the individual company and as members of a corporation. This course employs experiential learning methods, such as conducting rotations at existing local entrepreneurial ventures and participating in a management simulation. Prerequisites: MN 3310. (Spring only).

EI 4300. Special Topics in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 3 Semester Hours.

A study of topics in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Specific subject is indicated each time the course is offered. May be used as elective credit and repeated when the specific subject changes. Consent of instructor. (Semester offered varies. Check with Dept. Chair).

EI 4310. 3-Day Startup: Innovation in Action. 3 Semester Hours.

In this course, students participate in a 3-day learning by-doing entrepreneurship and innovation workshop. The course is offered in a location that enables creativity and team work, offering an extreme hands-on environment. Students experientially learn about idea generation, team formation, customer feedback, rapid prototyping and pitch crafting. In addition to the 3-day startup workshop, students learn about product and service commercialization, sources of funding, and new venture operations through a series of online lectures, discussions and assignments. This course is open to all students. Prerequisites: none. (Fall only).

EI 4320. Management Consulting. 3 Semester Hours.

Student teams act as consultants to businesses to analyze the various functions of business as they pertain to endeavors. Managerial awareness and analytical skills in business problem solving are developed. (Not currently offered. Check with Dept. Chair) Prerequisites: EC 2301, EC 2303, MT 1305 or MT 2303, MT 1306 or MT 2412, AC 2310, AC 2320, Senior Standing, Consent of Instructor.

EI 4340. Crowdfunding. 3 Semester Hours.

In this course students learn about best practices and emerging crowdfunding research in a hands-on workshop. Students work individually or as part of a team to develop a crowdfunding campaign for an innovative project, business startup, or social entrepreneurial venture. This course is open to all students. Prerequisites: None. (Not currently offered. Check with Dept. Chair).

EI 4375. Internship in Management/Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 3 Semester Hours.

The opportunity to gain knowledge through experiential activities in a professional setting such as working for a social or commercial enterprise, starting and/or operating an entrepreneurial venture, or hosting a registered student organization leadership position and being actively engaged. All internship opportunities require an industry mentor and/or faculty supervisor. Prerequisites: MT 1305 or MT 2303, MT 1306 or MT 2412, AC 2310 or AC 2301, AC 2320 or AC 2302, EC 2301, EC 2303, MN 3330, MN 3370, EI 3310 or MN 3310, EI 3340 or MN 3340 Junior standing. Minimum GPA of 2.8 (Registration requires approval. Consult academic advisor.) (Fall, Spring, Summer).

EI 4380. Values-Driven Intrapreneurship. 3 Semester Hours.

Consistent with St. Mary’s University’s mission, in this course students apply the knowledge and skills developed in MN3310, MN3340, MN3390 in order to contribute to the solution of a narrowly designed problem affecting our community. Students engage in a social intrapreneurship project with local non-profit organizations and develop functional solutions to issues these organizations face. Prerequisites: MN 3310, MN 3340, MN 3390. (Spring only).

EI 4398. International Entrepreneurship. 3 Semester Hours.

Topics covered include: global expansion of entrepreneurial ventures; methods of small business globalization. Opportunities and risks of global expansion; barriers to entry; impact of globalization on all business functions. Prerequisite: IB 3321. (Fall Only).