GK 1311. Intro to Greek. 3 Semester Hours.

Introduction to Greek consists of two semesters and introduces students to the fundamentals of Koine Greek language. The course focuses on reading and translation skills, with some attention to composition. The first semester, GK 1311, introduces the Greek alphabet and emphasizes vocabulary acquisition, basic grammatical structures, and the practice necessary to read and write basic Koine sentences. Some attention is also given to Greek history and culture and their impact on contemporary English vocabulary, especially in the fields of science and medicine.

GK 1312. Intro to Greek II. 3 Semester Hours.

This course is a continuation of GK 1311. It concentrates on further development of reading, translation, and composition skills. In GK 1312 students will continue enhancing their knowledge of grammar and syntax. The course will also provide opportunities to study the impact of the Koine Greek language on mythology, philosophy, medicine, natural history, and early Christianity.