Non-Departmental (ND)

ND 0000. Matriculation. 0 Semester Hours.

ND 0003. Study Abroad. 3-4 Semester Hours.

ND 0006. Semester Abroad. 6-7 Semester Hours.

ND 0009. Semester Abroad. 9 Semester Hours.

ND 0012. Semester Abroad. 12 Semester Hours.

ND 0015. Semester Abroad. 15 Semester Hours.

ND 0103. Personal&Academic Success. 1 Semester Hour.

A non-credit, P/NP course recommended for first-year students placed on academic probation. The course is designed to help students improve their academic standing through self understanding, goal setting, and study skill development.

ND 1111. Career Planning-Goals Clarific. 1 Semester Hour.

Focus on self assessment and career development; investigation of various stages in career planning and job search skills enhancement; development of an awareness of internship, employment, and/or graduate and professional school opportunities. Class will offer individualized career development plan options and use of electronic and print resources.

ND 1122. University Life: Personal & Academic Development. 1 Semester Hour.

An orientation to University policies, procedures, organizations, activities, and the Marianist charism for student leaders/peer mentors; Pass/No Pass.