Non-Departmental (ND)

ND 0003. Study Abroad. 3 Semester Hours.

ND 0006. Semester Abroad. 6 Semester Hours.

ND 0009. Semester Abroad. 9 Semester Hours.

ND 0012. Semester Abroad. 12 Semester Hours.

ND 0013. Non-Departmental. 13 Semester Hours.

ND 0015. Semester Abroad. 15 Semester Hours.

ND 0016. Study Abroad. 16 Semester Hours.

ND 0017. Study Abroad. 17 Semester Hours.

ND 0018. Study Abroad. 18 Semester Hours.

ND 0101. Personal and Academic Development. 1 Semester Hour.

A required non-credit, Pass/No Pass course for all incoming freshmen. Skills for ease in transition to University life. Course designed to increase understanding of one self; develop interpersonal relationship skills; explore and clarify academic/career goals; and development of time management. Although ND 0101 will not be included in total hours earned, it will be counted in total registered hours.

ND 0102. Reading Comprehension&Critical. 1 Semester Hour.

A required non-credit, P/NP course for incoming freshmen who have demonstrated need to develop higher-level reading comprehension and critical-thinking skills. Instruction aimed at developing the inferential and applied level comprehension skills necessary for understanding college level textbooks and critical thinking skills needed for evaluating and applying textbook content.

ND 0103. Personal&Academic Success. 1 Semester Hour.

A non-credit, P/NP course recommended for first-year students placed on academic probation. The course is designed to help students improve their academic standing through self understanding, goal setting, and study skill development.

ND 0301. Academic Skills. 3 Semester Hours.

Enrichment or deficiency course which develops the following skills: use of textbooks; note taking; methods of taking tests; use of library; ability to concentrate.

ND 0311. Coll Preparatory Skills. 3 Semester Hours.

Course designed to improve vocabulary, reading rate, and comprehension to college level ability and preparation for taking standardized tests such as those required for entrance into colleges and universities.

ND 1101. Intro to Bibliography. 1 Semester Hour.

An Individualized Instruction, one-hour, Pass/No Pass course. Skills necessary for effective use of the library and greater awareness of the basic concepts and principles used in the organization of information.

ND 1111. Career Planning-Goals Clarific. 1 Semester Hour.

Focus on self assessment and career development; investigation of various stages in career planning and job search skills enhancement; development of an awareness of internship, employment, and/or graduate and professional school opportunities. Class will offer individualized career development plan options and use of electronic and print resources.

ND 1122. University Life: Personal & Academic Development. 1 Semester Hour.

An orientation to University policies, procedures, organizations, and activities; development of an awareness of personal needs within the University; Pass/No Pass.