Public Health (CPH)

CPH 1301. Introduction to Public Health. 3 Semester Hours.

This course focuses on health problems and issues of public health from the social sciences perspective. The course will enable students to describe one or two core theoretical perspectives from social science disciplines and cover the major social and behavioral science models used in health promotion and disease prevention. The course will also cover existing social inequalities in health status related to race, social class, and gender, and the critical intersection between social risk factors, behavioral risk factors, and the development and implementation of public health interventions.

CPH 2301. Environmental Health. 3 Semester Hours.

This course develops a general awareness of how the human-made environment and natural ecosystem interact to affect health and the quality of life. A review of relevant principles from the natural sciences, and discussions of issues influencing the solutions to environmental health problems included.

CPH 3301. Fundamentals of Epidemiology. 3 Semester Hours.

This course introduces students to principles and concepts in epidemiology, methods of epidemiologic investigation, and the design, interpretation, and evaluation of epidemiologic research. Students are introduced to the strategies adopted by public health professionals to study distribution and identification of important biological, social, and environmental determinants of diseases and health-related states in specific populations. Prerequisites: CPH 1301; and CPH 2301; and 1 course with statistics emphasis (CJ 3332, CR 3332, MT 2303, PO 2311, PS 3381, or SC 3381).

CPH 4301. US Health Care System. 3 Semester Hours.

The course is designed to assist the student in understanding and preparing for the unique challenges presented to managers in a health services administration career. History and current environment of U.S. health care are considered, as well as the ever-changing infrastructure of the health-services industry including the organization, structure, and operation of the nation’s health care system.