Mexican American Studies Minor

The Mexican American Studies (MAS) is an interdisciplinary, undergraduate academic minor credit and certificate program that focuses on the U.S. Mexican American experience.  The goal of the minor and certificate is to prepare students for culturally competent professional lives attentive to local, state and national issues, and increase Mexican American representation within in-demand fields such as education, policy analysis, public administration, governance, economic development, and the arts and humanities.  The MAS minor and certificate bridges disciplines to build interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise to answer questions and achieve insights about complex problems that individual disciplines alone cannot solve. Ultimately, MAS is a field of inquiry that requires informed educated citizens capable of applying a range of critical and creative thinking to community and public policy issues and applied communication and analysis.

MAS Minor Courses (18 hours)
Choose five (5) courses from the list of required core course options below. No more than two (2) courses can be taken from any one discipline.15
Political Science
US Latino Politics
U.S. Civil Rights: The Latino Experience
U.S-Mexico Immigration Law & Politics
Historical Analysis: Introduction to Latin American History
History of Texas
U. S. Immigration and Ethnic History
U. S. Latino History
The Spanish/Mexican/U.S. Borderlands in North America
Chicano Literature
Mexican American Literature
Latin American Literature
Topics in Spanish (Introduction to Translation Studies)
Mexican-American/Chicano Culture
Hispanic/Latino Lit in the US
Students may substitute Portuguese courses with approval of program director.
International Economics
Inter-American Economic Problems
Theology in the Southwest
Choose one (1) additional course as an independent study or internship to write or engage in a culminating MAS Experience Paper in the discipline of their choice.3
Total Semester Hours18