Graduate Certificate for Dual Credit Teaching in Psychology

The Graduate Dual Credit Teaching Certificate – Psychology (GDCTC - Psychology) provides post-baccalaureate high school educators, specifically those with master’s degrees, with 18 graduate hours of discipline-specific knowledge required to meet the criteria for teaching dual credit courses in Texas and SACSCOC-accredited institutions. Courses taken as part of the certificate may transfer in part or whole toward a master’s degree at St. Mary’s University or other institution.

Certificate Course Requirements

The GDCTC - Psychology requires the completion of six of nine, on-line graduate courses (18 credit hours) in Psychology. Students can complete the certificate within nine months. The inclusion of nine possible courses offers flexibility for students using this program to later complete a master’s degree in various disciplines (meaning students can select courses that best fit/would transfer to a specific graduate program).

Required courses (18 hours)18
PS 6341Biological Psychology3
PS 6391Historical Topics and Recent Advances in Psychology3
PS 6390Advanced Social and Personality Psychology3
PS 6337Advanced Sexuality3
or PS 6385 Advanced Statistics
or AE 6385 Advanced Statistics
PS 6355Advanced Developmental Psychology3
or PS 6387 Qualitative Methods
or AE 6387 Qualitative Methods
PS 6331Abnormal II3
or PS 6310 Race, Class and Gender in Community-based Research
or AE 6310 Race, Class and Gender in Community-based Research